2023 – This year the Association clubs will compete in evening leagues Monday to Friday and the normal two afternoons. There will also be a Singles league on Saturday evening and more than ten club competitions to keep members busy. It is hoped that members will continue to be represented in the County and National finals. Our treasurer Val and the committee have been very busy since September and have secured enough grant monies to level the green edges and install an automatic irrigation system. It is hoped that these projects and the backboard renewal will be completed prior to the season starting in April.

2022 – The Association also competed on a Thursday evening this year. They were successful again on Wednesday and Friday evenings, Thursday afternoons but could only manage Runner Up on Tuesday afternoon. Once again members were successful in the County competitions booking their place in the National finals at Leamington Spa and Skegness. Last years Senior Fours team competed in the British Isles event in Wales.

2021 – The Association took full advantage of the leagues opening up by playing in the evening on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and two afternoons on Tuesday and Thursday. Association Clubs won Tuesday and Thursday afternoons as well as Wednesday and Friday evening leagues and also the Friday KO competition. Members were again successful in the County Finals and qualified for Skegness and Leamington Spa, The Senior Fours team from DSBC won their National Title to qualify for the British Isles Championships in 2022.

2020 – Due to unforeseen circumstances this year the usual league fixtures did not take place. When bowling commenced there were two competitive club competitions arranged by the STBA secretary, Paul Unwin – a three bowl Triple Pairs league and a Knockout competition, using the same format. Jarrow Borough B were victorious in the league, winning the final against Westoe at Whitburn. Jarrow Borough A finished third. The Knockout competition was won by a team made up from all of the Jarrow clubs, beating Hebburn Sports at Hebburn park. As the clubs are now responsible for the maintenance of the greens our members must be commended on the excellent commitment given and the sterling work that has been carried out. Ted and his garden elves have kept the greens and surrounds in superb condition, going the extra mile by cleaning the paths with wire brushes.