The 2023 season sees our endeavours to improve the facilities come to fruition. We hope that the green edges are to be levelled, an automatic irrigation system is going to be installed and the backboards are getting replaced. All events and activities that were in place during 21 and 22 will continue in 2023 with hopefully more social events.

In 2021 and 2022 we continued with out local league fixtures on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings as well as Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. An internal singles league ran on Saturday afternoons and other regular jumbles were organised when time allowed. More than ten club competitions were organised for members to compete in throughout the season. Open competitions became a regular occurrence at weekends with members enjoying trips away.

2022 Club Competition Winners and Runners Up
Ladies comps
JWE 2B Singles
S Tennet bt M Tindale
JWE 4B Singles
J Clift bt M Tindale
ASS Pairs S Mills & M Tindale bt S Tennet & H Forster
Mens Comps
JBC 2B A Hughes bt G Smith
JWE 4B A Lawton bt M Dunlop
JBC 4B G Smith bt K Scott
JWE 2B M Johnston bt R Durrant
JBBC 2B A Bryden bt J Lawton
DSBC 4B R Chapman
Mixed Comps
ASS 4B Handicap S Tennet bt I Smith
ASS 4B pairs C Addison & D Livingston bt K Scott & G Smith
ASS Mixed Pairs R Durrant & S Tennet bt C & C Moeliker
DRAWN Pairs G Smith/A Hughes & J Clift bt K Scott & C Symes

2021 Club Competition Winners and Runner up
ASS 4B Handicap Singles – M Tindale bt T Griffiths
JBC 2B Wood Singles – A Hughes bt S Tennet
ASS 4B Pairs – D Fisher, B Macklin bt K Marshall, T Griffiths
ASS 4B Mixed Pairs – J Clift, M Dunlop bt K Scott, K Snowling
ASS 4B Ladies Pairs – J Clift, C Moeliker bt M Tindale, V McGregor
JWE Men 2B Singles – J Cullen bt MP Johnston
JWE Ladies 4B Singles – J Clift bt C Moeliker
JWE Men 4B Singles – M Dunlop bt A Lawton
JWE Ladies 2B Singles – M Tindale bt J McClaren
JBBC 2B Singles – A Jobling bt M Dunlop
JBC 4B Singles – G Smith bt M Goss

In 2020 we were able to run two Open competitions: the Jackie Lawton Memorial Pairs which was won by Billy Fuller and Andy Gibson and a Singles competition won by Maurice Dunlop. Evening and Saturday jumbles were played throughout the year which was of benefit to the club as we attracted a lot of folk who had never before played bowls. Monday evening Singles league, which proved popular with members, ran for more than twelve weeks and was won by Alan Lawton. There have been many friendly games arranged between Hebburn, Hebburn Sports and Seaton Delaval clubs as well as Open days and other Open competitions at Hebburn, Jarrow and Walker. Next year it is hoped we can arrange trips to Scotland, Darlington and other venues for friendly days out.